History, Vision and Mission


The Hong Kong Maritime Museum is a vibrant, cultural institution dedicated to preserving, collecting and displaying objects that tell the story about trade and maritime in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta. A non-profit registered charity founded in 2003 by members of the Hong Kong Shipowners Association, the Museum opened in September 2005 at Murray House in Stanley and relocated in 2013 to Pier 8, in the heart of the Central Harbour Waterfront. Today the Museum attracts 100,000 visitors annually where across 4,400 square metres more than 1,200 objects are displayed in 13 galleries on three levels. All of which uniquely overlooks a bustling Victoria Harbour.

A special exhibition and events space, resource centre, roof-top café and gift shop augment visitors' experience and patrons and the community of Hong Kong actively engage in education and public programming offered for schools, community groups and families.  

Moving to Pier 8 followed a public tender process initiated by the Hong Kong Government, which was awarded to the Museum in 2009. The Government, a principal contributor, provided funding to support the cost of relocation and new construction and has committed to an operational subsidy for the first five years of operations.


Our mission is to promote a greater knowledge of Hong Kong, China and Asia’s maritime history and the vital role that ships and the sea play in our past, present and future. We do this by providing the community and visitors with an exceptional museum experience and opportunities to learn about Hong Kong’s heritage and how it links with the rest of the world. 


Our vision is to be the Hong Kong community-based centre of excellence for exploring local and regional maritime and shipping issues.

Strategic Focus 

To ensure the ongoing success of the Museum we must continue to strengthen our position within Hong Kong’s cultural landscape and grow our capabilities as an organisation. Success over time will only be achieved by systematically building on achievements-to-date and ensuring new projects are linked to proven capabilities. 

Organizational Values 

  • Respect. Show respect in the delivery of museum services at all times and with all stakeholders.
  • Stewardship. Present the importance of Victoria Harbour and the role of maritime in Hong Kong and China through the collection, research and preservation of artefacts, and objects within our galleries for the public.
  • Learning. Provide new and continuing opportunities for adults, students, scholars, families and the community to gain new knowledge.
  • Innovation. Continually evolve and improve how we display objects and engage visitors and the community of Hong Kong.
  • Service. Ensure an exceptional visitor experience with high quality displays, contextual storylines and thoughtful interactions with our staff.
HKMM 2018-2019 Annual Report -01

The Hong Kong Maritime Museum has a unique business model: we are privately funded, supported by the community, and subsidized by the Hong Kong Government.

Ten years in the making, the Museum’s expansion and re-location to Pier 8 in 2013 was the result of the collective efforts of the shipping community and many others in terms of time, money, dedication, passion and vision for what the Museum could offer Hong Kong, international visitors and find ways to engage in the global discussion on maritime.

HKMM is a not-for-profit registered charity with income generated by commercial activities, grants from the Hong Kong Government and the HKMM Endowment Trust and fundraising efforts. 

For more information about Museum activities and our performance against KPIs established by the Board and the Government, read our Annual Report.

Management and Staff


Richard Wesley
Museum Director

Director's Office

Candy Wong
Office Manager 
& Assistant to Museum Director 

Venue Hire  

Denise Chau
Events Manager
Events Assistant
Fundraising & Marketing  
Marketing Assistant 





Honorary Advisors

Treasurer  Fu Kwok David Cheng
Legal – 
David Beaves, Ince, Legal


Marine Advisor
Captain Yan Tung Tung


Museum and Industry Affiliations

Museum Services  

Assistant Director (Curatorial and Collections)


Education and Public Programme Engagement
Head of Education &  
Public Engagement 
Education Officer
Marine Science Program Coordinator


Finance & Business
Development Unit

Louisa Leung
Finance Manager
Josephine Chow
Administrative Assistant

Stephanie Wat
Shop Manager 

Kendi Tong
Shop Supervisor
Loretta Mui
Senior Visitor Services Officer

Building Services

Chong Chen
Museum Technician Assistant

Pat Young
Museum Assistant
Raymond Lee
Museum Assistant
Chung Po Wai
Senior Museum Technician
Chan Kwok Lok
Museum Technician

Sanny Yeung
Security Coordinator 


Hong Kong Maritime Museum Limited Board Directors

  • Richard Hext (Chairman)
  • Yiu Kei Chan, Maritime Arbitrator and Shipping Consultant
  • Yee Andrew Chen, Chairman, Grand Seatrade Shipping Co. Ltd.
  • Chee Chow David Koo (Director), Managing Director, The Valles Group
  • Chee Kong Kenneth Koo, Group Chairman and CEO, Tai Chong Cheang Steamship Co (HK) 
  • Wai Lun Ng, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Lieh Sing Alan Tung, Managing Director, Island Navigation Corporation International Limited
  • Sik Ying William Waung, Retired High Court Judge, Admiralty Court
  • Jon Zinke, Resident Partner, Keesal, Young & Logan
  • Fung Kam Wing, Associate Professor, School of Chinese at The University of Hong Kong
  • Christopher Buttery, Chairman, Taylor Maritime Group

Hong Kong Maritime Museum Endowment Trustees

  • Chee Chen Tung (Chairman), Chairman
  • Chee Kong Kenneth Koo, Group Chairman and CEO, Tai Chong Cheang Steamship Co (HK) 
  • Yee Andrew Chen, Chairman, Grand Seatrade Shipping Co. Ltd.
  • Sik Ying William Waung, Retired High Court Judge, Admiralty Court

Hong Kong Maritime Museum Trustees

  • Chee Chen Tung (Chairman), Chairman
  • Wai Lun Ng, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Sai Cheung Ian Shiu
  • Timothy John Smith, Managing Director, Maersk Shipping Hong Kong Ltd
  • Roger Freeman Tupper, Retired Director of Marine, Hong Kong Marine Department
  • Zhu Jianhui, President, COSCO (Hong Kong) Group Ltd.
  • Hing Chao, Executive Director, Wah Kwong Maritime Transport Holdings Limited  
  • Leonard Fung, Managing Director, Hongkong International Terminals Limited 

Collection Committee

  • Anthony Hardy, Chairman Emeritus, HKMM Ltd
  • Kwong Lim Tam, Director, HKMM Limited
  • Joseph Ting, Former Chief Curator, Hong Kong History Museum
  • Sik Ying William Waung, Director, HKMM Limited
  • Richard Wesley, Museum Director, HKMM
  • Libby Chan, Assistant Director (Curatorial and Collections), HKMM
  • Fung Kam Wing, University of Hong Kong
  • Tim Keung Ko, Hong Kong History Historian

Education Committee

  • Yun Chi Chan, Secretary, Hong Kong Seaman’s Union
  • Alan Lau, Project Development Manager, St. James’ Settlement
  • Cho Nga Leung, PhD, Former Lecturer, Hong Kong Institute of Education
  • Man Lok Li, Student Programme Development Officer, The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education
  • Chi Lan Iris Luk, History Teacher, Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Lee Shau Kee College
  • Scott Panico, Secondary Teacher, Renaissance College Hong Kong
  • Sik Ying William Waung, Director, HKMM Limited, Trustee, HKMM Endowment
  • Ken Yu, School Development Director, Auckland International School
  • Richard Wesley, Museum Director, HKMM
  • Pik Ki Leung, Head of Education and Public Engagement, HKMM
  • Tom Cheng, Education Programme Coordinator, HKMM

Audit Committee

  • Yee Andrew Chen, Endowment Trustee, HKMM
  • Wai Lun Ng, Trustee, HKMM
  • Roger Tupper, Trustee, HKMM
  • Sik Ying William Waung, Director, HKMM Limited

Fundraising Committee

  • Sai Cheung Ian Shiu (Chair), Chairman, HKMM Limited 
  • Chee Chow David Koo, Director, HKMM Limited
  • Yee Andrew Chen, Director, HKMM Limited
  • Richard Wesley, Museum Director, HKMM

Honorary Advisors 

  • Fu Kwok, David Cheng, Treasurer
  • Ince, Legal
  • Captain Yan Tung Tung, Marine
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2015-2020 Strategic Plan

Over the course of nine months and at the directive of the Museum's directors and trustees, HKMM management and staff have worked to create a comprehensive strategic plan that sets forth a five-year vision for our future. Based on rigorous  analysis of operating from a significantly expanded platform at Pier 8, this collaborative exercise outlines how we will anticipate and meet challenges ahead.

Today, our in-house functional operations are increasingly more sophisticated which support:

  • Visitation that has doubled;
  • Community programming that seeks to engage new audiences with new experiences;
  • School visits have grown dramatically; and
  • Our international reputation amongst peer cultural organisations is growing.  

Simply put: to do more, a well-developed plan is required, tactics to support the implementation of the plan must be created, and metrics must be defined so that we can measure and report to all stakeholders our success along the way.

In November 2015 the Hong Kong Maritime Museum published a 2015-2020 Strategic Plan with five areas of foci: strengthen the visitor experience; activate the collection; deepen engagement of our constituents; build our human capital and a culture of continual improvement; and develop a long-term financially sustainable model.

We are extraordinarily optimistic about our ability to both seize and create opportunities and invite you to read the plan to gain a better understanding of the future of HKMM.