Documentary Screening: Lighthouse Memories: Green Island Lighthouse (Cantonese)

The Green Island Lighthouse was erected to provide safe navigation from the north-west side of Hong Kong Island. Lighthouse enthusiasts from the Hong Kong Maritime Museum and the Hong Kong Marine Department share their stories and experiences with the second lighthouse built in the Pearl of the Orient.

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Documentary Premiere: Lighthouse Memories: Cape D’Aguilar Lighthouse (English)

Lighthouse Memories:  Cape D’Aguilar is a story of Hong Kong’s first lighthouse -- a tale of its creation, digital restoration, and cultural influence.  The film presents Cape D’Aguilar Lighthouse’s drastic transformation through the decades.  

Chasing Lighthouse Heritage - Hong Kong - (Lighthouse Heritage Research Connections, City University of Hong Kong)

Hong Kong’s lighthouse establishments have been documented through imagery to conserve the evolution of its time. Join us in discovering the centennial collections of lighthouses still working today.

Glow From The Other Side (Mandarin version) documentary screening