01 Mar 2018
Whether it is food sent to relieve a war-torn country, timber and steel for a large development project, or simply a consignment of computers and designer jeans, the most economic mode of transportation for bulk supplies of these goods is by ship. ... more
26 Jul 2017
Throughout history, governments have communicated with their subjects concerning matters great and small. Prior to the advent of printing, mass communication was largely verbal via public meetings or the use of town criers to spread the news of a military victory, the arrival of a new king or public hazards threatening the health of the community. ... more
01 Jul 2017
A large, panoramic scroll painting known as the Alexander Hume painting, dating to circa 1772 and now in the collection of the Hong Kong Maritime Museum (HKMM), is one of the earliest known depictions of trading establishments (‘factories’) known as hongs, in Canton (Guangzhou, the capital of today’s Guangdong province). ... more