Conveniently located overlooking Victoria Harbour against the backdrop of Hong Kong’s skyline, the Hong Kong Maritime Museum at Pier 8 provides an array of unique event spaces for hire.

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As a nonprofit organization, hosting an event at the Museum helps to support our operations and develop programming for the community of Hong Kong. 

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Special Exhibitions and Events Gallery

The Special Exhibitions and Events Gallery is an event space overlooking Victoria Harbour. This is a highly customizable space with an integrated Bose sound system and suitable for corporate events, luncheons, training, workshops and seminars, concerts, dinners, press conferences, product launches and exhibitions.

Venue:  350 square metres


  • Reception: 200
  • Banquet: 150
  • Theatre: 200


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Harbour Viewing Gallery

The Harbour Viewing Gallery offers an unrivalled 180-degree panoramic harbour view embracing the sunset beauty of Victoria Harbour against Hong Kong’s iconic skyline. Events are held within the open gallery space enhancing the event experience amist galleries and displays about the modernization of shipping and shipbuilding.

Venue:  76 square metres


  • Reception: 100 (180 free flow)


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