“Contemplation”—Slow Art Day

14 Apr 2018

The Slow Art Day 2018 is a collaborative project between our Education and Public Engagement Team and the MA Creative Media programme (Curating Art and Media stream), City University of Hong Kong.

As part of the HKMM Museum Learning Programme, students will learn about curating and critical engagement with space, objects, exhibits, and narratives. They will subsequently use the knowledge to experiment with curating art events for a maritime museum.

Visitors are invited to be part of the one-day programme at the Museum, “Sail Back to Shore: The Faded and The Residual”, on 14 April (Saturday) by engaging in contemplation through interacting with the multifarious art events on the three motifs, namely, “At the Piers”, “To the Lighthouse”, and “Along the Coastline”.

Sail Back to Shore: The Faded and The Residual


Art Events


Motif 1: At the Piers


Painting of Harbors in the Old Days

C-deck, C4

Rebirth of the Pier

Ocean Cubes

B-deck, B3

2nd Life

B-Deck, B3

Motif 2: To the Lighthouse


Visit Lighthouse-keepers, share stories

C-deck, C4

Sail to the Lighthouse

A-deck, A2

The memories of Lighthouse in Hong Kong

B-deck, B1


Workshop: Lighthouse Memories: Lighthouse Heritage Research and Connections

B-deck, B1

Motif 3: Along the Coastline


A drop of the ocean: five selected artworks from Katherine Heald

B-deck, B3

Storyboard & Collective Exhibits